So…I’m not really in the mood for writing today, and I found myself racking my brains on what I would blog about today… and then it hit me!!  Focusing too hard on ‘what to write’ gets in the way of just writing. 

Today I remembered the commitment I made to myself and the challenge I took up, which was to blog everyday for 2011.  Personally, I know that I need to improve my writing skills, and blogging everyday is something that allows me to work regularly on doing just that (writing).  So as I found myself staring blankly at my computer screen today, clueless about what to share, I realized that all I needed to do, was just start writing.

I don’t know if this entry will be helpful to anyone, but I know for me, it allows me to stay on task and do what I promised myself I would do.  Is today’s entry earth shattering? Not really.  Will anyone be receiving life altering ‘aha’ moments while reading this? I doubt it, but at least if nothing less, I have remained a woman of my word.  Who knows, maybe that is enough to encourage/inspire someone???… I sure hope so.

Ok, that’s it for me tonight,



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