So…one of the things I have figured out about discontentment is that it has A LOT to do with your perspective. 

If you choose to focus on what’s not ‘just right’ in your life, then you will ABSOLUTELY remain unsatisfied with where you are.  Contentment is described as being ‘a state of being happy or satisfied with the way things are’ and it amazes me how much people these days are just Sooooooooo unsatisfied with EVERYTHING in their lives.

If you are waiting around for things in life to just ‘fall into place’ then you can just forget it…. It just isn’t going to happen.  Life is filled with ups and downs… Things that are positive AND negative.  You can’t have one without the other.  So if Contentment = things being just perfectly right, then contentment is not possible.

Contentment IS possible… but first we must look around and intentionally focus our attention on the things that we consider to be a blessing.  Then I encourage you to start meditating on these things.  Slowly but surly you will begin to notice more things to be thankful for in your life, and this (being thankful) is one of the first steps to getting to a place of contentment.

One thought on “Steps to contentement”

  1. Ms.Millah that is why you and i will always get along so well. We are of “like minds” for real and what i admire about you the most is your passion and drive to do Gods work and what you have been called to do. Keep it coming honey! Muaah!

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