Colleen’s philosophy and theoretical approach comes from a collaboration of solution focused and emotionally focused therapy. Her work also incorporates a cognitive component that when appropriate, explores how one’s thinking affects one’s behaviour.

Simply put… ‘Life is a journey’, and on this journey there are a number of paths one can take. Some paths will help a person move closer towards health and wellness (presenting them with opportunities for growth), while other paths move people away from healthy places. Some of the events that occur in one’s life can be helpful, while other events are not helpful at all. For example a parent who lovingly encourages their child to excel, versus a parent who verbally berates and talks down to their child.  In both circumstances there is an ability to shape and influence which ‘path’ the child might choose.

The first example presents a helpful event that could lead a child down a path filled with a positive outlook towards life, and a strong sense of confidence within themselves and their abilities.  The second example however is an unhelpful and potentially devastating event that could lead a child down a path filled with critical thinking towards themselves, lack of confidence, and a negative outlook. Both examples have shaping potential and more often than not, will impact the ‘path’ the child winds up on.

Working with a professional counsellor will provide support as you explore the ‘path’ you are on, consider how you got there, and discover how best to shift gears and head in a more helpful direction on your ‘life journey’.  Often times people are confused about how they ended up in a particular place in their life, or even why they continue to do things that lead them away from their desired destination of health and wellness.

Colleen’s role as a therapist is to support clients as they:

  1. Examine where they are on their journey
  2. Recognize how they got there (which paths led them there)
  3. Explore where things went wrong (choices/people/events that led to unhealthy places)
  4. Discover how to implement changes that will allow them to effect positive and lasting changes in their life, and lead them towards health, wellness, and growth