Think about the words you want to describe you

On Tuesday I encouraged those reading the blog to think about a few things:

  1. What 5-10 words would you use to describe what makes you different or stand out
  2. How would someone who met you for the 1st time describe you after you’ve left the room
  3. How would you LIKE a person meeting you for the 1st time to describe you after you’ve left the room (meaning what kind of impression are you wanting to make)

So for tip #2 you need to have a clear sense of the kind of impression you are trying to make with the people you are interacting with.  If you know how you would describe yourself and how you want people to walk away feeling about you then you’ve got to be mindful of that as you interact with others.

We all have an ‘internal dialogue’ going on inside as we go about our day, and so I am encouraging you to use that internal dialogue to remind yourself to say and do intentional things that will allow others to see you as you would like to be seen.  So for example if you want others to see you as being warm and welcoming you might say to yourself (in your head):

  • ‘Remember to smile’
  • ‘Keep a pleasant look on your face
  • ‘Try not to fold your arm over your chest’

The kind of ‘taste’ you leave in the mouth of someone (figuratively speaking) after meeting you is up to you.  Obviously you can’t control EVERYTHING a person with think/feel about you, but you have a great amount of power when it comes to making a positive impression.  The key here in tip#2 is that you have the power to leave an ‘intentional impression’ with others, and it’s important to hang onto that fact as you work at improving your personal brand.


One thought on “Personal Branding Tip #2”

  1. There are so many amazing points in this blog / post. I appreciate the words Colleen. You always seem to amaze us. You are so full of wisdom and knowledge and i am truly happy that you have decided to start this blog to share with the world.
    Thank you.

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