You know today I was hanging out with my family, doing the kinds of things you do on a relaxing Saturday afternoon… AND THEN IT HIT ME!!!…………. ‘I’VE GOT TO BLOG TODAY!!!’  It almost slipped my mind about my commitment to blog everyday for 2011 and I’ve gotta say that I think it was because it’s the weekend, and I was having such a good time!

That ‘almost slip’ made me realize how easy it is for us to ‘slip back’ into old habits we are trying to break, and how just ‘making’ the commitment isn’t enough.   If the plan is to succeed then there HAS TO BE A PLAN!!  Once I realized that I had almost forgotten, I put a reminder in my phone right away, and began thinking about what I wanted to talk about today.  Then as my night wore on (I’m a night time blogger) I kept reminding myself, and envisioning myself behind the computer typing away and hitting publish before the clock strikes midnight!

And there… voila… it’s done.  My commitment wasn’t to write and incredible earth chattering ‘Aha’ moment making blog every day, it was to just share my thoughts through my blog everyday for 2011, and that’s what I’ve done!

Good night!

p.s. I guess the point of my last few sentences (above) was just to stress how important it is not to put more pressure on ourselves that is really unnecessary.  We can’t treat every task we have to do in the day like it’s the most important task, otherwise we probably won’t get around to doing that much.  Hope this thought helps to encourage someone to give themselves a break every now and again, and not expect GREATNESS every time… (Leave the GREATNESS making to God… lol)

Ok… night night!!!

2 thoughts on “Ooops I almost forgot!!!”

  1. Hey there lady! How are you?…happy new year! I read your blog today for the first time. I totally enjoyed reading them because you are being honest. My church is actually doing or i should say on the 2nd week of fasting though i have not started for personal reasons. But i went to cvs and just happened (which i think is not by chance) and found a book on the Daniel Fast. I picked it up because I thought that i am going to fast at some point and needed guidance and the read as been great so far. I am hoping to finish readin it by this week to start my fast next week though my church will be finish at the end of this week but our state office will continue for another week. so i say this to say that it has been encouraging to read your blogs which i think is a great idea, one of which i think i want to adopt…lol! the book also includes the meal plan yet i don’t want to go out buying all these different ingredients. so, is it possible to suggest some of the foods that you have eaten?
    Hope all is well with the and your 3 boys (hubby included…lol). I don’t know anything aobut setting up blogs, but i will certainly make an attempt. I also love the pics you have included, including the muscle one…lol!
    Don’t give in because God will certain reward you for your committment and dedication! Be blessed!!!

  2. Hey Christine… So nice to hear from you. Everyone is great… no complaints. You should totally do the fast! It’s challenging, but it’s worth it!

    Check out day 2 I have listed a really great blog that has helped me to learn food ideas etc. VERY helpful!

    And definately do the blog! I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback… Actually ONLY positive feedback about it. It’s helped me stay committed, and has helped me be able to encourage others along the way!!

    Good luck!!

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