So I am typically a sensitive person, meaning it doesn’t always take much for my feelings to get hurt.  Well…. THIS is an area that I am currently working on, and trying to ‘grow’ in.  Trying to toughen my skin up a bit I call it.  Part of me is fine with my sensitivity, because I believe it helps me be a caring and empathetic therapist, BUT another part of me doesn’t like it, because I HATE getting upset, and allowing the actions of other people to upset me.

So I am reading Joyce Meyer’s Book: Power Thoughts which is a book to help readers understand some things they can think ‘on purpose’ to live healthier lives, and the 4th Power Thought is: I am difficult to offend’ …. lol I seriously have to laugh out loud for that one, because this is an area where I could use some growth!  So… needless to say I underlined soooo many statements from that chapter, and have marked pretty much every one of the pages within that chapter. 

I figure I’m not alone on this one (needing to improve how easily offended I can be) so I’ll use the next week to talk about this subject more.

So, for today I’ll ask you this:

  • What does it take to offend you?
  • How do people or things that offend you affect your mood and your day?
  • Would learning how to become ‘harder to offend’ improve your life?

Think about that today and perhaps it will serve as a motivator to learn how to stop being easily offended.  I know it does for me… I figure we can learn to do this one together!!! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Learning to be less sensitive”

  1. From one sensitive sister to another,I really appreciated this post! This is one area in my life, I’ve been working on. I find it’s worth while to exam our thought processes and situations prayerfully and not to internalize others thoughts, opinions and words unless they expressed in love with the intent to provide wisdom, correction, encouragment and empowerment to make us better people. We’ve all been guilty of saying things we don’t mean or speaking /responding out of an ’emotional place’. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. So very true Nicole…. so very true…
    We have to get to that place where we can distinguish which feedback to keep and which to delete… lol

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