The Life Map – Official Book Launch

I’m so very excited for the ‘official’ launch of my book The Life Map.  This is a book designed to help readers map out ‘step by step’ the path to reaching their goals in life.

The evening will be a night focused on inspiring attendees to ‘Live out their Life Map’, and I know that everyone will leave feeling energized, motivated and more equipped to get their goals accomplished in life.

The night will be filled with powerful spoken word and worship, led by Nadia Goode, Londa Larmond, Jennifer Lewin, and many more

Book Launch

It feels Wonderful to have accomplished one of my MAJOR goals for last year… ‘to finally write my 1st book’.  I’ve had the book inside of me, wanting to write it for over 12 years.  When I think about how much time has passed from initially getting the inspiration for the book and actually writing it I am reminded of the importance of making a plan and slowly BUT SURELY working towards getting it accomplished.

I know I’m not the only person who has dreams inside of them that take years to manifest, so I know many readers will relate to my excitement.  My hope in writing and publishing the book is that others will be motivated to not let one more year go by without getting their dream realized!

Looking forward to seeing you there


The Respectful Wife

Oh boy!!!! THIS is a subject that I find VERY difficult!  I found myself hesitating as I was preparing for this week, and feeling myself resisting doing my readings to prepare for the group/study.  I know that probably doesn’t ‘sound’ very good, but I figure it’s important to be transparent and honest about how I feel when I consider the subject ‘The Respectful Wife’. ...


My Anthem for 2012

My Anthem for 2012 is this song that I heard one day driving along and listening to WDCX 99.5FM – Paint your Picture by Julie Meyer.  When I heard it I fell in love with the song, and I quickly grabbed my phone while at the stop light to jot down the title and artist. 

Last night as I was downloading songs I was finally able to look it up and add it to my arsenal inspiring and uplifting music.  This piece really speaks to me because it is a very simple prayer that captures (in my opinion) the purpose of our existence, which is to be like clay in the hands of our master potter. 

When I look back on my life I want it to be a life that very CLEARLY and distinctly has God’s signature on it.  This song reminds me of this, and I hope you find it inspiring as well.